Future Maestros (ages 3.5-5)


Future Maestros (ages 3.5-5)



Upcoming Sessions

  • Fall 1: Sept 7, 14, 21, Oct 5

  • Fall 2: Oct 26, Nov 2, 9, 23

The curriculum in this class allows for a flexible learning environment for new students and continuing students alike. There are two main goals of the Future Maestros program: 1) To continue to foster a love of music in our students; 2) To prepare students for future instrument study.

Through simple rhythm exercises, our early future maestros begin to see the patterns of music and song. Movement exercises teach our students to hear and feel the tempo, or speed, of music. Beginner study of basic percussion instruments allows our younger maestros to hear and feel the dynamics, or louds and softs, of music. We will listen, dance and play to many different genres/styles of music from all around the world. Students will also gain beginner songwriting skills through the use of computer recording software. A CD of these songs will be presented at the final class of each session.

All “Future Maestros” classes are intended to be classes in which students attend without a parent/caregiver. Special exceptions are made for students with special needs and students who still experience separation anxiety.

4 Saturdays 10-10:45am

Ages: 3.5- young 5

Class Date:
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